Interviews, reviews and advice to keep you inspired.

Dick Morrissey

We take a look at the distinguished career of legendary saxophone player Dick Morrissey.

Graeme Blevins

We look at the illustrious career of Graeme Blevins: from performing with Kylie, to his work with the Delta Saxophone Quartet.

New Music Books for Saxophone Players

Music publisher Schott has released a range of new music books for beginner to intermediate players. Here are some of our favourites.   The Play-Along Groove Collection of books from Schott are great for those getting started with improvising. Easy Funk...

Making Music on the Road

Need to make music on the go? Touring musician and studio expert Paul Fawcus runs through his ultimate travel setup. I suppose I just like to be busy, and when touring I always need to accomplish something other than just turning up for the show each day. I knew I had...

Steve Cole Interview

Steve Cole has one of the most original voices on the smooth jazz scene but his journey to success is a little different to what you would expect. I caught up with Steve to find out more about what makes him tick, what inspires him and how he approaches practising...

Developing Hand – Ear Coordination: How to play saxophone by ear

Do you want your improvised solos to soar and delight your audiences?  The first and most important step to achieve this is to develop the link between your ears and your fingers. In fact, ultimately we need to be able to transfer any musical idea we imagine to our...

Intonation and your ideal sound

One of the most satisfying musical experiences is listening back to a recording of yourself and hearing your tone and improvisation match up to your aspirations, or come pretty close. If you record yourself on a semi-regular basis, and you should, then you will notice...

Overtones on “Delta City Blues” by Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker’s introduction to the track “Delta City Blues” is possibly one of the most awe inspiring examples of overtones on sax, but understanding what he is doing can help us master overtones too.   Overtones are a great way to improve your tone quality...

Are Music Exams Worth It?

Is there a benefit to taking music exams? We discuss the details with Ollie Weston and Laurinda Davidson.