So you started learning with a beginner sax, but now you’re making progress and want to move on to a more professional model….

Upgrading your sax is a confusing process. However, if you like most people got started with a basic entry level saxophone, then chances are you are ready to spread your wings and move onto a more advanced model.

But should you?

There are so many questions here apart from whether it’s right to upgrade your saxophone at all.

What “next step” saxophone should you look for? How will I know a more expensive saxophone is actually better?

Will I play better on a more expensive saxophone?

In this lesson…

The video below is an excerpt from our recent Q&A session for Sax School. We run these sessions every month for our Sax School members and answer questions they have submitted.

It’s another way that the team and I help our members make amazing progress on their saxophones.

This month one of the questions was about upgrading and how to go about it the right way.

Here’s what we discuss:

Should you even upgrade your sax?

What you should do BEFORE upgrading your saxophone

Why a more expensive saxophone MAY be better for you

How to choose your next saxophone.

….and more.

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