Watson Fraser adult saxophone learner with Sax School online saxophone lessons.

For 2020 we are introducing a new Sax School Legends programme! It’s a monthly award to celebrate those amazing members who make an exceptional contribution to our Sax School Community.

Our first Sax School Legend is Watson Fraser from Scotland!

Watson’s ambition to learn saxophone came from seeing Tina Turner live in concert, in Glasgow back in 1986. “Her tenor sax player was a big imposing character,” says Watson, ” and I thought, ‘it would be brilliant to do that!'”

As soon as I blew my first note, I was hooked!

Saxophone Lessons

This ambition stayed Watson until his retirement from his career in the Police. “I was having a chat with my boss, about things I wanted to achieve, and learning saxophone was one of them,” explains Watson. So, as a retirement gift, his colleagues gave him five saxophone lessons with a local teacher.

Watson admits he was skeptical at first. “I did nothing about {the lessons} for about six months…, then my wife arranged my first lesson,” he says. “But as soon as I I blew my first note, I was hooked! I went home and bought a student alto.”

Like many new saxophone learners, Watson turned to the internet for help. “I had a thirst for knowledge,” he says, “and as soon as I found Sax School I signed up straight away. I’ve been there ever since!”

Pursuing the Saxophone Dream

Since retiring, Watson has started his own business as a driving instructor, using his skills and experience in road policing. This still leaves him plenty of time to practice his saxophone – divided between alto, tenor and his Roland Aerophone.

To give his saxophone practice more focus, Watson is planning some performances in local care homes. “I’ve really drilled it down into a handful of tunes which I’m working on to try to get them as good as I can,” he says.

Saxophone Goals

For the future, Watson wants to develop hims improvising skills. “For any sax player, that’s the biggie!” he says. As well, he is working on getting a great tone on his sax. He’s really pleased with the sound he gets from his Hanson LX tenor sax, along with his Otto Link Tone Edge 7 Star mouthpiece.

The Five Minute Workouts are brilliant

Newbie Tip

We chose Watson to be a Sax School Legend because not only is he a great player, he’s also a great contributor to our Sax School Community. He regularly offers advice, tips and encouragement to other saxophone learners in our Facebook group, and we really appreciate his input.

Watson has this advice for adult learners starting out on saxophone. “Concentrate on the basics” he says. “We all want to play tunes, and improvise, but if the tone’s not there, and the technical ability’s not there, then the tunes won’t sound how they’re meant to.”

There are so many great resources inside Sax School to help you achieve this and Watson has his own favourites. “The Five Minute Workouts are brilliant,” he says. “They are a short sharp shock – and if I’ve got enough time I’ll do three or four of them. They help you develop the core skills so you can go on to play the tunes you want to play, the way you want to play them.”

Watch the video of Nigel chatting with Watson about his saxophone journey – and how he feels about being a Sax School Legend!

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