This week inside Sax School there are two brand new lessons showing you how to play Swan Lake on Sax.  These new lessons are part of the “Introduction to Classical Saxophone” Mini-Course which guides you through the skills and techniques needed to play in a classical style.

Why learn classical saxophone?

I know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but playing classical melodies like “Swan Lake” is an excellent way to dramatically boost your tone and technique.  Plus, the melodies you will learn in the “Introduction to Classical Saxophone” are ones that just about everyone knows, so they are great tunes to have in your repertoire.

About the Swan Lake Saxophone Lessons

Swan Lake is a beautiful “pop classical” melody that everyone knows, and it works great on saxophone.  For beginner players, it’s really easy to learn.

If you’re a more advanced player, you will really enjoy the challenge of getting a lovely smooth tone over this tune – it’s an embouchure buster!

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