Rubber vs Metal.

It’s a question I’m often asked by Sax School members. And I can understand why – it’s very difficult to choose when you want to update your setup.

This week I had a chat with Theo Wanne who is widely regarded as a world expert in saxophone mouthpiece design to ask his advice on this.

Is hard rubber or metal better for my sax mouthpiece?

In this lesson Theo explains the difference between different saxophone mouthpiece materials and how it affects your sound when playing.  The answer may not be what you expect.

Understanding the differences will help you a lot when it comes to choosing the right sax mouthpiece for you.

How do I choose the right mouthpiece for me?

Also in our chat, I asked Theo about the mouthpiece chamber and how this affects your sound.  Theo had a great explanation for this which makes choosing the appropriate sax mouthpiece for the sound and style you are looking for, much easier.

Should I change my saxophone mouthpiece?

At the end of our conversation, we discuss how you can tell if your saxophone mouthpiece is the right choice for you.  It’s easy really, does your mouthpiece make sax playing fun and easy?  Do you get excited by the sound coming from your sax.  Check out what Theo has to say on this topic to see if you’re on the right track.

Find out more about Theo Wanne here:

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