This is one of my favourite Christmas songs to play on saxophone…

Brenda Lee recorded this tune when she was younger than my boys are now – she was 13! But what a great track. And, there is a mega solo by Boots Randolph (Yakety Sax and so much more – check out our Sax on Screen post).

Now the solo was originally recorded on tenor sax, and there is a lesson on how to play it already inside Sax School.

But I have had SO many requests for an alto lesson for this tune, and I’m beginning to feel Christmassy….

Brand new lesson in Sax School…

So brand new in Sax School this week is a full lesson where you will learn the melody AND the famous Boots Randolph sax solo – but on alto sax.

And I have also included a backing track so you have everything you need to start learning and performing this tune.

Will you play this for your friends and family this Christmas??

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