I had a few minutes free today so stuck on the camera and recorded a quick “one take” version of My Favourite Things”.

This is a classic jazz standard – the sort of tune that just about every sax player knows.  It’s often played at jam sessions and gigs too, so it’s definitely important to know this tune.

Just this week I released the first lessons from a new Jazz Performance Pack inside Sax School on this tune.  Inside this lesson bundle you’ll learn the melody on alto or tenor sax.

Plus, I’ll show you two great tactics you can use right away to create your own amazing improvised solos over this tune.

Oh, and you get backing tracks and worksheets to help you learn faster too!

I hope you enjoy my version above. If you want to learn this tune yourself, check out the full lesson series with a Sax School membership.

Click here to find out more about Sax School membership.

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