Matt is our Student of the Week at Sax School

Matt first started learning saxophone at the age of twelve, but it would be another thirty years before his dreams of playing sax became reality.

Matt is our Student of the Week! So, we asked him to tell us more about why he always wanted to play saxophone.

“I started out playing the clarinet in Junior High School and then switched to alto sax,” explains Matt. “However, I played the sax for four years and then, unfortunately, my mom had to sell my sax to pay bills.”

Saxophone Music

Despite this set-back, Matt never lost his love of the saxophone sound. “Even as a kid I recognised that the sax was cool, second only to the electric guitar at the time,” he says. “I payed attention to and really dug the sax solos on pop and rock songs.”

Even as a kid I recognised that the sax was cool

As an adult, Matt’s interest in saxophone music didn’t diminish. “I got into jazz and blues,” he says. “And so I came to appreciate just how the sax is the heart of all good music.”

Getting back to playing sax

Matt still dreamed of one day playing saxophone again. “Listening to players like Stan Getz, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins really lit a fire under me to one day get back to playing,” he explains.

It was Matt’s wife who made this dream a reality. “Fast forward roughly 30 years and my lovely wife bought me a tenor sax as a 25th anniversary gift,” says Matt. “So, she provided the motivation and the means to get rolling again.”

Finding Sax School 

Matt joined Sax School in mid March of this year. “I’m currently working through the 30 day Practice Challenge,” says Matt.

Matt is already making great progress with Sax School. “The Sax School format is fantastic. I love that there’s something for everyone – all levels and abilities are covered,” he says.

Even though Matt has only been a Sax School member for a short time, he’s already getting stuck into everything our lesson library has to offer. “In addition to working on fundamentals, I’ve been spending time in the Improvisation Path section. I’m trying to learn pentatonics and blues scales. I love that you can dabble and explore, and basically create a custom fit for yourself,” he says.

Nigel’s enthusiasm is infectious


Matt has found plenty to motivate him in Sax School. “Nigel’s enthusiasm is infectious,” he says. “Also, I love his clear explanations and his encouragement – it definitely keeps me going.”

Matt is already an active member of our Sax School Facebook Community too. “It’s a great boost to be able to share performances, questions & observations and get such great feedback,” he says.


Now that Matt has got started with his saxophone, he’s enjoying exploring different styles of playing. “I love the free improvising spirit of jazz and blues and I’ve been working out some jazz tunes on my own,” he explains. “But I actually listen to all kinds of music… I guess you could say that I’m wide open.”

Matt’s explorations aren’t confined to saxophone music, and he is already setting himself the challenge of transcription. “For example, a goal of mine is to eventually work out Television’s “Marquee Moon”. I think the guitar parts in that song are just incredible and as I grow to understand more, I want to learn and play that on tenor.”

Performance Goals

Like a lot of our members, Matt is working towards playing saxophone in public.  “My daughter has a friend who owns a brew pub nearby and they have frequent open mic nights. I would love to get up on stage and entertain a crowd of friends,” he says.

We reckon there’s no stopping you now, Matt! Congratulations on being our Student of the Week.

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