Greg is Sax School Legend learning saxophone online with Sax School

Every month we celebrate a member of our Sax School community who truly inspires us with their progress and their playing – a true Sax School Legend!

This month we’ve chosen Greg Davey, from Ireland.

It’s hard to believe that Greg has been a member of our Sax School community for just 2 years. He’s already making amazing videos, as well as performing on his saxophone at regular live gigs in a local restaurant.

Finding Focus

Greg owned a saxophone for 2 years before joining Sax School, but admits it wasn’t getting much use. When he discovered Sax School online, Greg felt that this was just what he needed to get focussed on learning saxophone. “When I joined Sax School I felt like I had committed to it,” he says.

For Greg, sharing videos in the Sax School community has been a big part of his learning journey – and it has helped him to gain the confidence he needs to play his sax in public.

Greg already plays live gigs on piano, in.a duo, and has recently started to introduce his saxophone too. Making and sharing videos has given him the confidence to do this. “You’ve got to put yourself under a little bit of pressure as soon as you turn on the camera,” Greg says. “And that bit of pressure pushes you on a little bit.”

When I joined Sax School I felt like I had committed to the saxophone

Making and sharing videos with the Sax School Community gives focus to Greg’s sax practice, which has also helped Greg make fast progress with his playing. “When you share a video you’re committing a bit of yourself,” he says, “it forces you to focus on a piece of music and master it.”

Developing a sound

Since starting to play saxophone, Greg has discovered great players such as Dave Koz and David Sanborn who have influenced his own sound. “I play a lot by ear,” he says. “I try to really internalise a piece and make it as good as it can be.”

Practice Goals

The biggest challenge Greg faces in his practice now is to learn to read music. “It’s my weakest point,” he admits. “I need to slow down and focus on what’s on the page, instead of trying to emulate what I can hear.”

As well as using the lessons in Sax School, Greg has also joined a jazz improvisation group which is really challenging his reading skills. “I want to be able to play off the page like the other guys,” says Greg. While he finds the sessions nerve-wracking, Greg feels that the pressure will force him to learn fast!

With the Sax School community you have a unique opportunity and it’s the best way to push yourself on

Sax School Tips

Greg has this advice – especially for new members of Sax School. “Take advantage of the Sax School Community and put yourself out there,” he says. “Get over your inhibition, and challenge yourself to share a video. -You’ll get great encouragement and constructive criticism.”

Greg is in no doubt that this is the single biggest thing that has improved his playing. “With Sax School you have a unique opportunity and it’s the best way to push yourself on. Challenge yourself to do better!’

Watch Nigel chatting with Sax School Legend Greg about his learning journey -plus take a peek at Greg’s playing.

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