Steve is Sax School Student of the Week

When you’re learning online, how do you make sure you’re making progress on your sax?

Our Facebook Community motivates Sax School members to keep improving and making progress on saxophone. It’s a massive part of Sax School, and Steve Smith is a great contributor.

Listen and Learn

Steve sees the process of making videos to share as key to making fast progress on saxophone. “Recording yourself and having to listen back, then put errors right, is such a good way to learn,” he says.

He’s shared videos in which he doesn’t just play sax, but also performs vocals and even double bass! “I have got a lot of pleasure recently compiling videos for the Sax school group, using various instruments,” Steve says.

Recording yourself … is such a good way to learn

Inspiring Each Other

Inspiration and motivation to make progress on sax also comes from the videos shared by other members – “There are some brilliant players within Sax School that make me want to try and push a bit further,” Steve says.

Steve has joined with other Sax School members to make some amazing, multitrack videos – even though they live miles apart! “Doing collaborations with other members is a blast,” he says.

Buying a Saxophone

Steve bought a tenor sax after doing an evening class jazz course on his bass. “I always envied the sax contingent; who were very accomplished players,” he says.

But his saxophone laid untouched in the loft for 8 years before he began learning to play. “I decided after having to move it, to give it a try with lessons and if I didn’t get on with it, it was to go!” he says.

Finding Sax School

Steve began learning with a local teacher in 2015, then discovered Sax School. ” My local teacher had me playing show songs most of the time,…but I wanted to play blues and some more modern music as well. I searched the internet, found one of Nigel’s lessons which I liked and ended up joining. A good decision as it turned out!” explains Steve.

As well as making videos for the Sax School Facebook Community, Steve has also added his sax to his banjo performances locally. “I do an open mic once a month on banjo mostly with my alto joining in at times,” he says.

Saxophone Challenges and Goals

Like many Sax School members, Steve wants to improve his improvisation. “Developing my improvising technique and vocabulary has been my biggest challenge,” he says. “The jamming lessons I think are a great way forward and I found these in abundance within the Blues Mastery course“.

He’s also keen to keep the momentum with his progress on saxophone. “My goals for the coming months are to keep trying things out of my comfort zone. It’s easy to sit on a fence you make for yourself, but then you stop learning,” says Steve.

Steve’s videos are so inspiring – We’ve made him our Student of the Week!

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