Maggie is Student of the Week leaning the saxophone with Sax School

Maggie began learning the saxophone with Sax School just a few months ago. She’s already making great progress and we loved her video of “Fly Me to The Moon” which she shared in our Facebook Community. We made Maggie our Student of the Week!

Adult Learner

Maggie wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, but she had some doubts . As an adult, had she left it too late? And what instrument should she choose?

A newspaper story gave the answers. “I saw a report about how music lights up the lives of a group of men who started to learn the saxophone after their retirement,” explains Maggie. “They formed a band called “Men in Jazz” to play to people in hospitals, nursing homes and community halls in different regions in Hong Kong. When I heard their playing, it was so moving. It answered my questions and I fell in love with the saxophone.”

Teaching Style

Maggie started to play the saxophone in June 2018, and discovered Sax School earlier this year.  “I like Nigel’s warm and encouraging teaching style,” she says. “This is something missing not only in a few other websites, but also in some face-to-face teaching lessons I have taken.”

I fell in love with the saxophone.

Saxophone Lessons

Maggie also enjoys the variety of lessons in Sax School. “There are so many lessons, from basic foundation skills, to learning different styles of songs, to improvising skills,” she says. “I also like the different interviews and videos that introduce different great saxophone players to us.”

I like Nigel’s warm and encouraging teaching style.

Online Learning

For Maggie, online learning works. “It means that I can repeat the videos many times until I finally learn it, especially when I learn to play a new song,” she says.

 The Masterclass lessons & Q&A sessions are also popular with Maggie. “We can learn different things which sometimes the videos lessons didn’t cover,” she says. “In the Masterclass I was amazed how Nigel is so patient and helps different saxophone students to solve their playing problems”.

Styles of Music

Maggie is enjoying discovering new styles of music too. “My previous saxophone teacher tended to teach me just pop songs. So, I didn’t know what kind of music I preferred until I learned to play “Misty” and “Fly Me to the Moon”. I think now I want to learn & play more jazz.”

Saxophone Learning Goals

With such great progress already, Maggie is clearly very focussed on learning the saxophone. “I want to lay the foundations on saxophone more deeply,” she explains. “My goals this year are to get the right embouchure to play the entire range, and to play rhythms more accurately. I hope I can play a jazz song more smoothly and accurately at the end of this year!”

We are sure you’ll get there Maggie! Congratulations on being our Student of the Week!

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