Need help on your saxophone? Check out this!

Each month inside the Sax School Members Area we run a Q&A session where members can send in their questions and get direct help on how to play saxophone.

The Sax School Team and I love doing these sessions because they help students so much.

Plus we have a bunch of fun filming them for members!

In the June Saxophone Session:

This month we answered a bunch of questions about tuning, tone and preparing to gig on saxophone.

Here’s a quick overview:

Michael asks “What are some GOOD reasons for changing your mouthpiece?”

Dave and Paul ask for help with how to tune your sax.

Derick asks for help memorising music.

Anthony asks what is the optimum embouchure pressure to use.

Keith gets some help with his embouchure.

Plus, we discuss how to prepare for live gigging as a sax player.

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