Howard Daley from Lancashire, UK, is our first Student of the Week in 2019!
We caught up with Howard to find out more about his saxophone journey.

You have been with Sax School for two years – how long have you been playing sax?
It all started in 1989 when my wife Louise bought me a tenor saxophone. To begin with I learned with a teacher, but in 1993 I decided to stop the lessons as the music we were learning was a bit old-fashioned!

Then I saw an ad in the local paper – “band members wanted for a soul band”.  I sat in my car for a long time before I went inside, but I am still in “The Hornbeats” – an 8 piece band.

What inspired you to learn the saxophone?
I had always liked the sound of the saxophone, but at school there were no music lessons available. I left school in 1967 with no musical knowledge. Then one day I had the radio tuned to Radio Caroline and I heard Wilson Pickett’s “Land of a 1000 Dances” – that sax riff! I was hooked! But it would be more than twenty years before I got my hands on a saxophone.

What do you like to play on your sax?
My favourite types of music are soul, funk, rock and roll, and jazz.

“I heard Wilson Pickett’s “Land of a 1000 Dances” – that sax riff! I was hooked!”

What is your saxophone goal for  2019?
I would like to do more improvisation in solos with the band. I think I have a good sound for soul, or if I’m playing rock and roll, I want that dirty sax sound!

What is your favourite thing about Sax School?  
I came across Sax School on YouTube. I liked Nigel’s laid back approach. He explains everything step by step, and he’s a great guy!

Thanks Howard! And congratulations on being Student of the Week.

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