A great way to develop your saxophone playing is by learning classic horn section lines from tunes you know and love.

The saxophone line in the Chuck Berry tune “You Never Can Tell” is a classic. Plus it’s dead easy to learn because there is only 1 section to it!

Inside Sax School we love to learn tunes like this because we know it helps our students learn so much faster. Check out our other lessons on Sam Butera’s “Jump Jive and Wail” for example, or the classic “Old Time Rock and Roll” solo for something a bit more modern.

In this lesson:

In this video lesson you will learn how to play the entire horn section part in easy steps for alto or tenor saxophone.

Also, follow the links below to download the music worksheet and practice track to help you learn this tune.


Sax School Members: Get the downloads here

Non Members: Click Here to download the music worksheet and practice backing tracks.

Want to learn more tunes like this?

As a Sax School member you will have access to over 600 lessons for alto and tenor saxophone including loads of step by step rock and roll and horn section lessons so you can develop your skills faster!

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