Fred has been touring the world as lead saxophone with iconic Scottish group Average White Band for years. He is an amazing player and this week in Sax School he shares a bunch of brilliant advice to help us play better solos.

In This Session:

When you see Fred play live, one of the things that really stands out is the amazing intensity he can create in his solos. In this guest session he shares tips on how you can approach your solos to create that same intensity in your playing.

These tips are solid gold and something that most players miss.

Also in this session…

The best way to transcribe for saxophone players

Fred shares how his approach to transcribing will not only help you develop as a sax player, but also make memorising tunes much easier.

In fact, he uses these techniques to help him memorise all the music for AWB that they play each night.

What to think about when soloing on saxophone

During this session Fred answered some questions posted by Sax School members. One of these got us onto the topic of what is going through Fred’s mind when he is roaring a solo with Average White Band.

You might be surprised with his answer!

How to structure your saxophone practice for success

And finally, Fred shares his tips on how to approach practice and develop a strong habit to ensure you succeed on the saxophone.

This guest session is packed with actionable tips you can use today to improve your playing. You don’t want to miss it!

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How to find out more about Freddy Vigdor

Check out tour dates and grab Fred’s latest album “Easier than it Looks” here.

Check out Average White Band tour dates here:

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