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Our February LIVE Masterclass is packed with tips and techniques to help you improve your saxophone playing.

These Live video masterclasses are run every month for Sax School members. They are a brilliant way to get help PLUS each month we have some Sax School members volunteer to play for the group and get their questions answered.

How to get a better soprano saxophone tone:

In this session we hear Jo from the UK play through Swan Lake on soprano sax. This tune is from the “Introduction to Classical Saxophone” Mini-Course in the Sax School Lesson Library.

Nigel shared some tips with Jo on how to get smoother lines on her soprano by developing her breath control and using dynamics.

How to get your low notes on saxophone to work better

Nancie from Canada got some help in this session with her low notes. Nancie has been learning with Sax School on tenor saxophone for the past two years but struggles to get her low C, B and Bb to sound clear consistently.

Nigel shared some tactics to help Nancie develop her tone control on the low register and make the notes sound more consistently.

How to get more “funk” in your sax sound

Also in this session, Rod from the Newark, USA played the Grover Washington tune “Winelight”.

Rod has been struggling to get a convincing saxophone sound on this song. In this session Nigel shared some tips on how Rod can use articulation in each phrase to get a more authentic sound, and bring some more “funk” into his playing.

What is the right reed strength for my saxophone?

Marc from Australia asked a question for this session about choosing the correct reed strength for his saxophone.

Marc has been experimenting with harder reeds but found a slightly softer reed worked more consistently. The downside is that his tone is thin and “wobbly” with the thinner reed.

Nigel shared some tips in this Masterclass to help Marc build his embouchure to overcome these issues. Also, we discussed how to make sure your reed strength is right for you.

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