Easy saxophone jam lesson for beginners

Always wanted to start “jamming” on sax but don’t know where to begin?

I hear this a lot from new Sax School members.

The truth is, it can be very difficult to know how to start improvising if you have never done it before. To make this easier, I’m a big fan of having a simple SYSTEM to help you improvise.

In fact, I use this system myself even as a pro player!

How to start improvising on sax quickly

Once you understand the system for improvising and have a framework you can use, it’s easy to apply this to any piece in any style.

Want to play jazz saxophone, blow amazing blues solos or play pop sax? You can use this same system for all of these styles and more.

In the lesson below I start explaining this system by showing you a simple easy exercise you can begin with right away.

We will start blowing solos today using just a few notes. Even if you are brand new to saxophone!

Remember, this is just the start of your journey, but building a good solid foundation will help you to progress faster and become a super confident improvising saxophone player in no time!

Worksheet and Practice Track for this lesson: Click Here to get the files

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