Beginner Saxophone Lesson Your First notes from Sax School

Learn how to put your sax together and find your notes, ready to play some fun tunes.

Beginner saxophone player? Awesome. Let’s start off by making sure your saxophone is put together right.

This lesson is for you, whichever sax you’re learning to play. Check out the lessons especially for alto saxophone and tenor saxophone in my Ultimate Saxophone Toolkit.

Your Saxophone Mouthpiece

First I’m going to show you how to put your reed and ligature on your mouthpiece the right way. The reed goes underneath the ligature. Remember :

✅ The flat side of the reed goes against the flat side of the mouthpiece

✅ Your reed sits just below the end of the mouthpiece.

It might take a bit of practice to get this right, so don’t worry.

Fitting the Mouthpiece

Slide the mouthpiece onto the neck of your saxophone, till about 1-1.5 centimetres of cork is showing.

Don’t force the mouthpiece. If you find it’s very tight, or very loose, you need to see a saxophone repairer to get your cork adjusted.

A little bit of cork grease will keep the cork nice and soft.

Holding Your Saxophone

All saxophone players use a neck strap when they are playing saxophone. This is so the weight of the saxophone isn’t on your thumbs.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, make sure your back is straight and you’re relaxed.

Your Embouchure

Watch to find out how to position the mouthpiece of your sax in your mouth – this is called your “embouchure”. Think about:

✅ Your bottom lip over your teeth

✅ Making a seal around the mouthpiece

✅ How much mouthpiece is in your mouth

✅ Your tongue.

Your Fingers

I show you how to position your fingers on the saxophone.

Now you’re ready to play your first notes!

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