I’ve had a lot of questions about Electronic Wind Instruments from my Sax School students.  I’ve written some articles about the Akai EWI (I’m a long time owner!) but Roland’s new Aerophone is supposed to be amazing.  So, I asked them to loan me one to test for you guys – and they agreed!  It arrived this week and in this video, I unbox if for you, show you what’s inside, and share some thoughts on wether an Aerophone can help you learn sax better.

Plus I give it a play!  Enjoy.

Nigel McGill

After 25 years touring, performing all over the world, I setup Sax School to share what I have learned. Today thousands of players in more than 70 countries use the huge library of online saxophone lessons in Sax School. Find out how it can help you too! www.mcgillmusic.com

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