Learning saxophone can be lonely if you don’t have a bunch of other musicians around you.

These days many of us are learning saxophone remotely via Youtube or an online course. There are so many great resources available but video lessons will only get you so far in your development.

The fact is you need contact with other musicians, and direct help with your answers when learning an instrument.

Without direct feedback you can end stuck on a technical point, confused with what you should learn next or struggle to know what skill is most important to move your playing forward.

This is why Masterclasses are such an important part of learning with Sax School.

Why we do Masterclasses at Sax School

Every month Sax School members of all levels, from all over the world get together for an online video masterclass. These sessions are brilliant because not only do members connect with each other, but they get direct help with Sax School founder and lead tutor Nigel McGill.

For each session a number of Sax School members volunteer to play and get direct help with any issues they are struggling with.

The great thing about direct help is it not only unlocks the progress for one student, but creates an amazing resource for the entire learning community. We all have similar issues in our playing!

You aren’t learning alone anymore

Connecting on a Sax School Masterclass is a massive boost for students of all levels.

In our recent October Masterclass William from the USA got help with his favourite Reggae tune, while Lee from the UK got guidance on how to unlock his creativity when improvising the blues.

Masterclasses are a great learning resource.

As a Sax School Member you can join every monthly masterclass session, as well as access the entire library of previous Masterclass Sessions.

Also included with your membership is the back catalogue of Guest Session masterclasses with world class players like Tom Politzer from Tower of Power, and Fred Vigdor from The Average White Band.

Ready to join a Masterclass?

Get started with Sax School membership today and join in on the next saxophone masterclass! You’ll be amazed at how your skills will develop.

And, you won’t be learning alone anymore.

Find out more and get started here.

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