Tom Politzer has probably the best saxophone gig in the world.

He is the lead tenor player with legendary soul band Tower of Power! In fact he has been touring with them for years, and he is a LEGENDARY player too (of course!).

In this guest session:

In this hour-long session, Tom shares his approach to practicing saxophone and which skills he works on to keep his playing in amazing shape.

Tom is known for his amazing altissimo playing (check out their latest album) and in this session, he shares how he has developed the super high end of the altissimo on his tenor.

Plus, we discuss a range of topics including:

✪ Tom’s favourite book for altissimo exercises

✪ How he uses the Reed Geek to make his reeds work better for altissimo

✪ Tom’s approach to vibrato and why it’s important

✪ Tom’s killer exercise to develop your vibrato embouchure

✪ What in the heck is a Klanbogen?

✪ Tom’s gear

✪ Why Tom’s sound is different to yours and what questions you should be asking.

✪ Tom’s favourite solos to check out.

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