Tim has been learning how to play saxophone with Sax School over the past two years. We loved Tim’s video of “Georgia”, which he posted in our Facebook Community. 

Starting Saxophone

Tim started learning the saxophone in seventh grade, at the age of twelve, but it was a musical family home. “My Mom was a music teacher, so I was always immersed in music from being a baby,” Tim explains. “It was natural to me.”

Tim continued to play during his school years, playing in a stage band on sax and a concert band on bassoon. He didn’t stop when he left school, and Tim continued to play his sax in church. 

“About eight years ago I started getting serious about it again,” Tim says. “I played on the worship team at a large Contemporary Christian church in Wasilla, Alaska. I practiced a lot – to Richard Elliott songs mostly.” 

“My favorite thing about Sax School is interacting with members in the Facebook group. I love to help out any way I can!”

Joining a Band

Then an opportunity crossed Tim’s path and his sax playing moved up a gear. “A man at my gym heard me play and invited me to audition for his classic rock band – “Element 47,” says Tim. 

Following on from this, Tim started to play for Yacht Rock band “Yachtly Crew”, and also plays with New Zealand artist LT Smooth. “ I fly into Hawaii to the Big Island to play with his band once or twice a year, and two or three times a year to San Francisco to play at company events for US software company “Salesforce”. We are the Salesforce company band!” says Tim. 

Tim joined Sax School about two years ago. “My favorite thing about Sax School is interacting with members in the Facebook group,” he says. “I love to help out any way I can”. 

Blues Mastery

As well as the classic rock solos that Tim plays with his bands, he also loves to play the Blues. “I love Nigel’s Blues Mastery course!’ he says. 

Tim’s love of the Blues perhaps explains his saxophone goal. “I want to be able to improvise in all keys without any thought. I want the music to just flow without having to think about it!” says Tim. 

We can’t wait to see what Tim shares with our Facebook Community next! Congratulations again on being our Student of the Week. 

Links to Tim’s bands: 

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