One of the most popular courses inside the Sax School members area is our Introduction to Classical Saxophone.

That’s unexpected you might be thinking… But the reason is because classical melodies are without a doubt one of the best ways to boost your embouchure control and tone on your sax.

If you’re not sure if classical is for you, check out this article: Should You Play Classical Music on Saxophone?

A new saxophone lesson for Sax School

Recently we had a request from a Sax School member for lessons on how to play The Swan. This is such a beautiful melody and one I was familiar with but hadn’t really played for years.

Like lots of classical melodies, this one works so well on both alto and tenor saxophone, so this week I have added a lesson for both instruments inside the Sax School Members Area.

Why is this song so good to learn on saxophone?

Classical melodies are kind of like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. They sound beautiful and are relatively easy to learn and play at first. But, the more you dig into them and explore all their details, the more you realise how much of a workout they are.

Classical melodies when played really well will test your intonation, embouchure control and every aspect of your tone. That is what makes them so great to work on.

Plus they sound LOVELY so are fun to play.

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In the mean time, check out this demo of me playing through the melody on alto saxophone. This is taken from the Sax School lessons for The Swan.


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