Straight No Chaser is an iconic Jazz Standard that every sax player should learn.

Not only is it a super cool melody, but it’s also based on a 12 bar blues.

That means it’s also an important tune to know harmonically, and a brilliant “gateway” tune for developing your improvising skills.

What’s in this performance pack:

This week inside the Sax School members area I have added an entire series of videos about Straight No Chaser.

As you work through this course you will learn the melody on alto or tenor sax.  Also, you’ll everything you need to know about the harmony of the tune and the theory behind the chord progression.

Plus, you’ll get clear actionable tactics you can use to create your own amazing sounding solos over this tune.

Oh, and we also get to do lots of jamming together!

As always, this performance pack also includes everything you need to perform this tune yourself, so you get a series of backing tracks and music worksheets too!

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