Brand new in Sax School this week is a complete Jazz Performance Pack on the Horace Silver tune “Song For My Father”.

What is a Jazz Performance Pack?

When I was first learning jazz standards and working out how to improvise, I wished I had a resource like this! My Jazz Performance Packs give you everything you need to know about a standard so you can perform it confidently, INCLUDING playing a killer solo that sounds convincing.

Inside this lesson pack, you will learn how to play “Song For My Father” on alto or tenor saxophone. Plus, I’ll explain the harmony to you and give you three tactics you can use right away to make your own amazing jazz solos.

The coolest thing though, is that all the skills you learn here can be applied to any other tune too!

Why should I learn jazz standards?

Even if you aren’t a massive jazz fan, learning tunes like “Song For My Father” is a great way to develop your skills as a saxophone player. The basic skills of improvising are the same across all playing styles, so what you learn in my Jazz Performance Packs can be applied to Ska, Funk, Pop or any other style of playing.

Plus, jazz standards are part of the LANGUAGE we share with other musicians.

I don’t want to improvise, is this for me?

As a sax player it is so important to develop your EAR – you’ve probably heard about this but not everyone explains it clearly.

Simply put, your musical EAR is the ability to replicate what you hear onto your saxophone.

For improvising sax players from any style, this means being able to hear a melody line either from another player, or even from your own imagination, and being able to replicate it on your sax. Essential for being a confident improviser.

If you are a classical or non improvising player, then it’s more about being able to hear STYLE and musical nuance, and replicating that on your sax.  Equally important and essential if you want to play in a convincing style that connects with your audience.

Improvising is hands down the best way to develop your ear, regardless of what style you like to play in. It is the skill that separates the average musician from the outstanding ones.

If you haven’t tried it, then I urge you to give it a go. You’ll be amazed at how it will transform your playing.

How can I get this Jazz Performance Pack

As a Sax School member you get access to all my Jazz Performance Packs along with loads of other step by step courses, AND over 600 video lessons for alto and tenor sax.  What ever style or skill you are interested in, there are lessons in Sax School to help you!

Find out more and get started today:

Nigel McGill

After 25 years touring, performing all over the world, I setup Sax School to share what I have learned. Today thousands of players in more than 70 countries use the huge library of online saxophone lessons in Sax School. Find out how it can help you too!
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