Each month in Sax School we film a “Guest Session” where a world famous player shares the secrets, tactics and strategies that has made them so successful.

This month we invited the amazing Snake Davis to Sax School HQ.

Snake is a legend in the UK pop world having recorded on hundreds of hugely successful albums.

Snake recorded the amazing sax solo on “A Million Love Songs” by Take That. He has also recorded with Eurythmics, M-People, Pet Shop Boys, Lisa Stansfield and many, many more.

In this guest session:

The main focus for this session with Snake Davis was to learn how he creates emotion in his saxophone playing.

Snake is well known for his beautiful, lyrical playing on all saxes. In this session he shared his approach to “connecting” with the music when he plays.

Also, Snake shares where he gets inspiration for this musical connection, and the artists he listens to.

Are lyrics important to saxophone players?

During this session Snake shared a great tactic you can use to build emotion in your sax solos by studying the lyrics of a song.

Snake breaks down his approach for analysing a recording and how we can transfer that to saxophone for maximum effect.

What saxophone does Snake Davis play?

Of course Snake also shares his current setup, mouthpiece preferences and why he uses the gear he does.

What is a pop session like for a saxophone player?

Also in this session, Snake gives us a behind the scenes look at how a top pop session is run and what is expected of you as a saxophone player.

This is very interesting for anyone who would like to play saxophone on a pop track, album or recording.

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