This week I’ve added a new pair of lessons inside the Sax School members area on the beautiful Gabriel Fauré melody “Pavane”

What’s inside this classical saxophone lesson?

The “Pavane” lessons are part of the new “Introduction to Classical Saxophone” MIni-Course inside the Sax School members area.  This course is really cool because not only do you learn a collection of lovely melodies, but you’ll also develop your tone, reading and expression skills on your sax

But I don’t like Classical Saxophone!

Don’t worry, I get it. There was a time when I wasn’t very excited about playing classical sax music either. The thing is though, these tunes are one of the best ways to focus on tone and technique skills that will help you with all other styles of playing. Trust me!

How can I access these lessons?

The Introduction to Classical Saxophone Mini-Course is only available to Sax School members.  As a member though you also get access to my full collection of Mini-Courses and over 600 step-by-step video lessons for alto and tenor sax to help you learn faster.

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