Brand new in the Sax School lesson library this week is a duet arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon

This “classic” (and classic-al) duet will give your embouchure and technique a great workout for alto or tenor sax.

About this saxophone duet…

Two very popular Mini-Courses for beginner saxophone players inside Sax School are the “Introduction to Classical Saxophone” course, and the “Duets for Saxophone” course. (read about the “Pocket Rocket” lessons from the duet course here)

Over the past couple months I’ve had a bunch of requests for more lessons like these, and specifically for Pachelbel’s Canon.

Now not all saxophone players want to learn classical tunes. I get it.

But the fact is that “classical” melodies are probably the best way to develop your skills, which is why pro players always include them in their practice routine. Find out more about why classical melodies are important here.

Now, the original arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon is long.

Biblically long!

So, instead I wrote my own arrangement that hopefully captures the essence of the original, and is more suitable (and fun) to learn as a beginner player.

However there are some challenging sections in there too!

Available in Sax School this week:

This week to get things started, I’ve added the first half of the arrangement for alto and tenor sax.

So that is 4 lessons in total (parts 1&2 for alto, and parts 1&2 for tenor).

The first half of the arrangement is a good warmup for the trickier 2nd half, which is coming next week.

So, get started with this and remember you can mix and match the parts in this arrangement. That means you can perform the duet with any combination of alto and tenor sax.

And when you’re ready, make your own recording of this duet to share on our Sax School Community like recent “Student of the Week” winner Atsuya Kotoda and his brilliant duet performance.

Have fun!

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