We had so many great questions submitted for our October Q&A!

Myself, Chris and Clair really enjoy filming our monthly Q&A sessions because it’s a great way to help our members and answer direct questions from them.

This month our questions covered a whole range of saxophone issues from dodgy reeds to ligatures, how to memorise scales and even what sound system to use when playing for a friend’s wedding!

Here’s a quick rundown of what we covered in this session:

Tracey asks how to get better at playing by memory

Paul gets suggestions on gear for performing live

Holly and Lance get help with choosing and breaking in reeds

Dennis gets advice on playing Aerophone

• We discuss Music PDF Apps

Craig gets help with memorising scales

Gary asks about the correct placement for his ligature

Martin asks how to get a velvety sax sound

Sandra gets help with high notes on sax

Steve asks about drum machines and backing tracks for performing

• and Marc gets help reading musical shortcuts.

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