If your fingers are not even when you play saxophone, you will always struggle to improve your finger speed.

Unfortunately that is just a case of physics.

However, with the correct practice techniques, you will be amazed at how fast and even your fingers will become, making even the fastest phrases flow effortlessly.

How to speed up your fingers on sax

In this video I share a snippet from a recent Sax School Q&A session where we discuss how to speed up your fingers on saxophone.

Nigel, Chris and Clair from the Sax School team share tips on how to keep your fingers closer to the keys of your saxophone.

How to practice finger speed on saxophone

Also, you’ll learn how to practice with a mirror so you can always see how far your fingers are from your sax keys.

This is a very important point. It takes practice but ultimately we need to keep our fingers in contact with the keys as much as possible.

If you can achieve this in your playing, you will be able to play super fast, and efficiently.

Ready to boost your skills and get your fingers FLYING on your saxophone?

Grab my Fast Finger Workout for Saxophone – these are the exact exercises I use regularly to keep my playing blisteringly fast and accurate.


Nigel McGill

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