Roxy Coss Restless Idealism

Rising star on the New York scene Roxy Coss released her brilliant second album last month. She is a Downbeat Critics Poll winner and an amazing young player.

The 10 original tracks on the album are a wonderful balance of lyrical., interesting melodies and sensitive, soulful playing.

This is lovely album – check it out!

We’re also listening to:

Mark Douthit - Groove

Mark Douthit: GROOVE

This has been out for a while but Mark is a great player who not many of us know about even though he’s played on thousands of albums. Check him out in Tim Akers and the Smoking Section on youtube.

Michael Brecker


What can we say, it was the anniversary of his passing as we write this issue. We had to have some classic Brecker on our playlist. This was Brecker’s first solo album and arguably his best.

Marcus Miller Tutu revisited


Marcus Miller revisits the original Miles masterpiece that he co-wrote and produced back in the 1980. This time around the album features some awesome playing by Alex Han on sax.

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