Since the 1980’s Nelson Rangell has been making amazing albums on saxophone AND flute. I’ve been a fan for decades because Nelson is such a consistently brilliant player, and an inspiration to so many others.

Nelson has just released a new album “By Light” (which is brilliant too!) and we caught up on this Guest Session to discuss the project and talk saxophone!

In this Guest Session:

Nelson shares a BUNCH of brilliant information in this session as we discussed his approach to playing, practice and writing for the new album.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find inside:

  • Who is Nelson’s “number 1” influence and why you should find yours too.
  • How to keep “inspiration” in your playing.
  • Nelson’s approach to reeds.
  • How to “make more music” when you practice and why it’s important.
  • Nelson’s process for writing and recording his album (you’ll be surprised!)
  • How to capture great melody ideas easily.
  • Nelson’s essential saxophone practice exercise.
  • How to setup your “Home Recording” studio for saxophone like Nelson.

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