Judy Nandall loves playing saxophone with Sax School

What would playing saxophone make you feel?

Music has always been a big part of Judy’s life, and it has become even more important during recent health set-backs. Judy explains how playing saxophone has helped.

Starting with the Sax

Judy originally trained as a singer, but has always loved the saxophone. Then four years ago she took the plunge and bought one!

‘I found Sax School almost immediately, and joined up,” says Judy. “I think it was the Aussie accent! He’s a great teacher and he can simplify things so they are easier to grasp.”


A few months ago, Judy found out she had a breast tumour. She needed an operation followed by radiotherapy. “Even when I couldn’t play saxophone, music really helped to lift me and take my mind off what I was going through,” explains Judy.

What could be better than sharing a beer and playing music with friends?

Back to playing Sax

Now Judy’s back to playing saxophone again, and she’s planning to perform at the hospital where she is having her treatment. “I’m going to play my sax to raise funds for Cancer Research,” she says, “I will be in over Christmas having radiotherapy so I was glad to do it.”

Judy plays saxophone in a 5 piece rock band with friends she met through music lessons. “We play a bit of everything, at open mic nights,” she says; “What could be better than sharing a beer and playing music with friends?”

Judy really loves gigging, and has recently started playing saxophone at a friend’s restaurant. “It’s mainly smooth jazz, and I play solo using backing tracks,” she explains.

A Saxophone Community

Like many Sax School Students, Judy finds loads of support and encouragement in the Sax School Facebook Community. “I’ve made so many friends – it’s great to be part of a group with that shared interest,” says Judy. “It’s brilliant to get feedback and help with any problems with my sax.”

Sax Goals

Longer term, Judy would love to play saxophone in a big band. “I love to listen to swing, and jazz standards,” she says. “Playing the sax has really taught me to listen to more music!

A big Thank You to Sax School!

As well, Judy wants to improve her improvisation. “I’m so used to reading music,” explains Judy, “but it really helps to learn the pentatonic and blues scales and I’m following the lessons in Sax School.”

Judy adds “I’d like to say a big thank you to Sax School!”

And Congratulations to you, Judy, on being our Student of the Week!

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