Mike Sax School Legend shares 5 tips for saxophone success.

Mike is our Sax School Legend for May 2020 – and he’s been playing saxophone for less than 6 months!

Mike shared his 4 steps for saxophone success with Nigel.

Meet Mike

Mike is Christian Minister, scuba diver, he rides a Harley Davidson and he plays a mean saxophone! He’s 72 years old and lives in Florida, USA.

I’ve always loved the sax

A Sax for Christmas

Mike’s wife gave him the saxophone as a Christmas gift, just 4 months ago.

Mike’s always been into music. “I previously played drums, bass and guitar,” explains Mike, “we started out playing Beatles, and the Stones, in the sixties.” Mike also uses music in worship both in his church and on the streets, playing drums, bass and guitar.

“I’ve always loved the sax,” says Mike, so taking that saxophone out of the box for the first time was the start of something amazing. Mike started on his journey to saxophone success.

Step 1: Join Sax School

Being from a small town, Mike knew it would be difficult to find a sax teacher. Then he found Sax School on the internet.

Straight away, Mike found Sax School easy to use. “I love the structure, with different starting points for different skill levels,” says Mike.

Step 2: Get a Great Practice Habit

Mike started out straight away practicing every day. “Do the Sax School 30 Day Practice Challenge”! says Mike. “I told myself ‘I’m going to do this and at the end of the 30 days I’ll see where I’m at.” Mike committed to spending at least an hour a day on his saxophone. “I could really see the progress I’d made,” says Mike.

Mike also loves the Five Minute Workouts in Sax School. “I spend the first 30 minutes on the Five Minute Pentatonic Workout!” he says, “but I’m making great progress with these and they are really helping my playing.”

Do the 30 Day Challenge

Step 3: Listen

“I’m spending as much time listening to other saxophonists as I am practicing the saxophone,” says Mike -players like Dave Koz, Candy Dulfer, Grace Kelly, and Chad LB. ; “I want to find out the sound I like so I can develop my own sound.”

Step 4: Enjoy it

Key to saxophone success is to love playing. “I’m Just enjoying making music,” says Mike. “I’m getting to know the instrument so it feels natural in my hands,” he says. “In my head I want to be able to play like Dave Koz or Kenny G – but I need to slow down – I’m 72!”

Step 5: Share

Sharing videos in our Sax School Community has really helped Mike make progress with his saxophone. “Get involved… it’s a great way to get encouragement and confidence,” he says.

Watch Nigel chatting with Sax School Legend Mike about his journey to saxophone success-plus take a peek at Mike’s playing.

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