Each month our Q&A sessions are packed with tips and techniques as we answer member’s questions.

In this session:

✪ Gary asks about choosing reed strengths

Gary is a new player and wants to develop his tone faster. He asked whether it was helpful to practice some of the time on a harder reed to boost his embouchure.

Is this a good idea? Find out in the session today!

✪ Nicola gets help with a better practice routine

What is the best way to structure my saxophone practice routine so I make maximum progress asks Nicola. Clair and Nigel share the Sax School formula for a killer practice routine that covers all the bases. Find out in this session.

✪ Ian asks for help learning improvising

Although he is enjoying working on improvising, Ian is struggling to make solos that work well and asks if there is a better strategy for approaching improv. Nigel shares some tips on what he is thinking when improvising. This will help you too!

✪ Krisztian gets help with tuning

Ever struggled to work out what is happening with your tuning on saxophone? It’s a common question for new players. Nigel and Clair share tips on how to setup your mouthpiece correctly to help get your tuning back on track.

✪ Ghulam gets advice on saxophone faults

Ghulam is struggling to get a good sound on any note below G on his sax. Is this a repair issue? Nigel shares some tips on how to diagnose a technical problem on your saxophone.

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