Brand new in Sax School this week is a new Jazz Performance Pack lesson bundle on the classic jazz standard “Blue Bossa”.

Why jazz standards are important for sax players

This is a standard that all of us saxophone players need to know because it is a tune that is often called on jam sessions and jazz gigs.

Plus it is a brilliant introduction to jazz harmony.

However, it is important to know your standards well.

And I mean really well – the melody AND how to create a killer solo over it.

What is inside this saxophone lesson:

Inside this performance pack, you’ll learn the melody for alto and tenor sax, plus how to approach the harmony and tactics on how to create a great solo over this tune.

Plus, you also get a bunch of resources you can use yourself for practice and performance.

That way you will be prepared when “Blue Bossa” is called on a jam session or gig!

And, if you’re new to improvising, you’ll love the tips in these lessons on how to create great sounding solos easily.

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Nigel McGill

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