Each month at Sax School we get together for a virtual “hang-out” on our Live Masterclasses.

It’s a bunch of fun, plus a great learning opportunity. Sax School members have the chance to volunteer to play for the session – and we get members playing at all levels from absolute beginners to gigging semi-pro players!

What we learned in our June Masterclass:

Our June session was a corker with some brilliant playing from 3 members:

Malcolm from the UK got help with Moon River

Malcolm has only been a Sax School member for about 3 months but is already making brilliant progress. Although he had tried to learn in the past, he was on the verge of selling his sax when he came across our videos on Youtube, and decided to give it one last go.

Since joining Sax School he hasn’t looked back and is now confidently playing through tunes. On this session he played through “Moon River” and Nigel shared tips on how he could improve his melody playing even further with breathing and articulation tips.

Yvonne from the USA got help with Freddie Freeloader, plus tips on improvising

Another new starter, Yvonne has only been with Sax School for 1 month! Yvonne told us how she had been playing for a few years and has previously tried “in person” lessons but didn’t feel she was making much progress. Yvonne also just tried learning with books herself but had hit a wall. Since joining Sax School though she is finally getting to grips with rhythm and also enjoying playing melodies more!

Yvonne has been working on the jazz standard “Freddie Freeloader” from the Sax School lesson library. Nigel shared some tips on how to count the rhythms to make learning easier. Plus he shared tips on how to get started with improvising on sax and which lessons from Sax School will help her.

Paul from the USA got help with low note and altissimo issues on tenor sax.

Paul has played lots of instruments in the past including Flute and Fiddle, but decided to really dig into tenor sax about 5 years ago. He has been learning with Sax School for the past 3 years and is already a busy gigging player!

Paul has been struggling with playing his low notes consistently on tenor sax. Nigel shared some tips on how to get low notes out more easily on saxophone. Also, he shared some practice techniques to develop Paul’s embouchure and make low nights AND altissimo notes pop out more easily.

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