Each month in Sax School we answer questions from our members…

We love filming these Q and A sessions. They are a brilliant way for us to give our members “direct” help so they can play better, make more progress on their saxophones and most importantly, have fun!

Our July Q&A is packed with tips on how to improve your tone and technique. Here’s a run-down of what’s inside:

In the July 2019 Q&A

✪ Dave asks about software to make backing tracks.

✪ Joel gets help structuring his practice routine

✪ Chris and Hans ask for tips on getting stronger low notes

✪ Alan asks how to get a better sound on soprano

✪ Tore suggests a topic for future masterclasses (thanks!)

✪ Lauren asks what reeds we prefer and for tips on cleaning : Check out my Daily Tips series on Youtube here.

✪ Henrik ask how to improve his tone in general.

And…. we share our favourite “mnemonics” we use to memorise the order of flats and sharps – what’s yours?

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After 25 years touring, performing all over the world, I setup Sax School to share what I have learned. Today thousands of players in more than 70 countries use the huge library of online saxophone lessons in Sax School. Find out how it can help you too! www.mcgillmusic.com

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