John is Sax School Student of the Week after returning to the saxophone with Sax School online sax lessons

What would you do if someone recommended you to play saxophone at a wedding, when you hadn’t played for 17 years?

Would you take up the saxophone challenge?

That’s what happened to John, our Student of the Week. Read on to find out more.

Playing Sax in Bands

“My journey with the saxophone started late on, when I was 27,” explains John.  “I played in the Edinburgh Concert Band for three years. I also had great fun playing with a pub band, after hearing them say they wanted somebody who could play “Your Latest Trick” by Dire Straits”.

However, like many adult players, life got in the way and after 13 years of enjoying his saxophone, John stopped playing.

Saxophone Challenge

Then, three years ago, John got an unexpected call. “A friend had recommended me to play saxophone at someone’s wedding. They didn’t know I hadn’t played for 17 years!” John explains.

With the help of Sax School, John took up the saxophone challenge. “I found Sax School through Nigel’s YouTube channel,” John says. “Sax School helped me to get my confidence back.”

Enjoying the Sax

Now that he’s back to playing saxophone, there’s no stopping John. “I’ve done a few open mic nights which have been great fun,” he says. “I’m not in a band at the moment so I just entertain the neighbours!”

John enjoys playing lots of different styles of music – “as long as it has rhythm and a melody! At the moment I’m working on “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” by Junior Walker using the lesson in Sax School. “

Like many Sax School members, John is keen to learn improvisation. “Hurdles for me have been the discipline of learning the theory to help get me improvising. I always start with good intentions then find myself playing tunes,” he says. “I’m also working through Blues Mastery so hopefully I’ll get there!”

We loved John’s video of The Swan which shows his lovely sound on the sax. Congratulations John on being our Student of the Week!

Want to get back to playing saxophone like John?

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