I’ve added a brand new Mini-Course inside Sax School this week:

Why learn the ii V I on saxophone?

Understanding Jazz Harmony is essential if you want to improve your improvising skills.

And this isn’t just for jazz – it’s the same for Pop, Blues, Ska, every style of playing.

The chord progression “ii V7 I” is something that we see constantly as saxophone players. It is one of the main foundations of harmony in popular music actually – you can see why it’s so important.

What’s inside this Mini-Course

In this new Mini-Course, I break down what the ii V7 I is all about.

And, I give you a bunch of easy to follow and use exercises so you can not only understand it, but be confident improvising over it!

Sound good?

The first part of this series is now available inside Sax School.

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This course will keep you busy for ages, but watch out for the rest of the lesson series coming out next week!

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Nigel McGill

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