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Choosing a wireless saxophone mic is a nightmare!

These days there are so many options on the market and it’s tricky to know which is the best one for you.

My history with wireless mic systems has had it’s share of ups and downs.

My first system was a Samson Airline setup. It was ok, but most importantly it was very affordable!

I did use the Samson Airline on hundreds of shows but I’m sorry to say for most of those it was covered in “gaffer” tape.

By the time I retired the Samson, it was like a “Frankenstein microphone” – more added bits and tape than anything else.

I had to replace the clip, the stalk, and reinforce everything with….loads of Gaffer!

Upgrading my wireless microphone

Thankfully the Samson was replaced a few years back for a brilliant wireless microphone from American firm AMT. Their Wi-5 system (now replaced with the Quantum 7) is a beautiful piece of kit.

The Wi-5 is built to last thousands of shows with a simple but very sturdy clip, compact electronics and a lovely sounding mic capsule.

The receiver unit is quite large though. And, this is an expensive wireless system at over £1000.

CloudVocal – a new contender

Although I am very happy with my AMT Wi-5, I was interested when Taiwanese company CloudVocal got in touch and sent over their iSolo Choice system for me to test.

CloudVocal’s take on a wireless saxophone microphone is tiny.

In fact you could almost not notice it is even connected to your saxophone bell because the microphone and transmitter weighs a mere 26grams.

In fact, CloudVocal claim it is the smallest, lightest and smartest wireless microphone system!

But is it the best sounding?

Putting the iSolo to the test

Because I am so familiar with the AMT Wi-5, I wanted to do a head to head test with the Cloud Vocal.

CloudVocal iSolo Choice VS AMT Wi-5!

To do this I connected both microphones to my tenor sax bell and recorded from each of the receiver units directly into Logic Pro X simultaneously.

To keep things fair, I kept the signals clean with no effects or treatment of anykind. Also both went into the computer through my Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface.

The results:

As you can imagine, the £1000 AMT Wi-5 does sound warmer and rounder.

But, the iSolo still works great. It’s a little more toppy sounding, but with some eq and effects, both of which are built into the CloudVocal receiver unit, you can get a lovely sound from this mic.

It’s also important to think of who might be using the CloudVocal iSolo system.

If you are a solo gigging sax player using backing tracks then I think this is a great option. It’s super portable and with the built in effects and eq, plus the ability to pass a backing track through the receiver, it’s a no brainer.

Plus the Cloud Vocal has another ace up it’s sleeve…

Cloud Vocal makes recording saxophone at home super easy

Included with my CloudVocal iSolo Choice system was their USB audio interface.

This looks pretty much like your average thumb drive, but is actually a complete wireless receiver and Audio Interface.

To test this I plugged it straight into my MacbookAir and opened Garage Band.

The software immediately found the audio interface and after a super quick pairing process with the iSolo microphone, I could start recording my sax.

How easy is that! Laptop + tiny USB thumb drive looking audio interface = recording studio!

If you are wanting to make recordings on the go or at home with a super simple setup then this is perfect.

In summary…

I really enjoyed using the iSolo setup and will continue to keep it in my regular kit. I’m a huge fan of how easy it is to use, and how well built everything feels.

Plus as a bonus, the iSolo comes in a sturdy compact pouch that would be perfect for throwing in your gig bag.

If you’re looking for your next wireless microphone that you will love using, then look no further.

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