Every saxophone player wants to get more emotion into their playing, but how do we do it?

I asked UK saxophone legend Snake Davis for his thoughts on how builds emotion and connects with his saxophone playing.

Where do you get your inspiration from on saxophone?

Snake Davis has recorded on hundreds of hugely successful pop albums over the years including the famous “Million Love Songs” solo with Take That.

Snake has also performed and toured with Lisa Stansfield, Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys and loads more.

He is also a hugely successful solo artist.

So he knows a thing or two about “connecting” with his music.

In the full session Snake shared a ton of great advice on how he developed his skills and prepared for the amazing pop work he has done.

One tip that stood out though was where he gets inspiration from.

And it isn’t other saxophone players!

Listening to singers

Snake says a big part of his learning comes from listening to his favourite singers. By following the way a singer approaches a phrase and emulating this on his saxophone, he can also create the same ‘EMOTION’ the singer has.

This is a brilliant technique we can all use to enhance our playing.

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