Saxophone lesson how to boost your tone with overtones

Overtones are THE best thing to practice to improve your saxophone tone – but they are also difficult and a bit boring.

As well as improving your tone, getting to grips with overtones is also essential if you want to play altissimo on your sax.

In this lesson I’ll show you 3 fun and easy exercises to get you started on overtones on saxophone.

I get questions about overtones all the time from my Sax School students.

And when I talk to big name players for our Masterclasses – people like Leo P, Grace Kelly, Candy Dulfer, Tom Politzer, Dave Koz – they all tell me that the work on overtones – they’re that important.

So it’s a great idea to include these overtone exercises in your daily practice routine. You can play them on alto, tenor, soprano or baritone. Grab the worksheet to help you.

Watch the video to see me demonstrate the 3 overtone exercises.

On all these exercises think about:

  • The quality of the sound
  • The way your throat feels
  • Try using a tuner.


Overtones are tricky, so keep trying!

You’ll really see an improvement in your saxophone tone if you work on this every day.

Use the worksheet and include these overtone exercises in your practice.

Let me know if these overtone exercises help you!

Download the worksheet here: How To Play Overtones Worksheet

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