Looking for the best pop sax solo to learn on saxophone?

Amongst my community of thousands of learners, one of the most popular solos to learn is without doubt Gerry Rafferty’s Baker street.

This iconic tune has an awesome opening saxophone riff recorded by Rafael Ravenscroft. Everybody’s knows this which means it’s a great song to play for your friends and family.

Plus it’s easy to learn even if you are pretty new to saxophone.

How easy is it to learn Baker Street on sax?

The entire opening riff of Baker St only uses a few notes on alto sax. That means it’s pretty easy to learn even if you have only been playing sax for a short while.

There are some tricky parts though that catch up most players.

In this lesson I break down the whole riff note by note. You’ll also learn how to avoid the mistakes most players make on this solos so you can learn it fast, and get playing it for your friends and family quickly!

Sound like fun? Let’s get started!

Download the PDF worksheet for Baker Street here: Baker Street Opening Line for Alto and Tenor Sax

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