If you want your jazz solos to work, they need to have memorable melodies in them. This week I talk to award winning TV music composer Jamie Forsyth about how to make GREAT melodies.

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Jamie Forsyth has been writing music for hit TV shows for 15 years from his Los Angeles studio.  During this time he has written music for shows like 24, Medium, Bones and Transporter.  His current projects include Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and Elementary.

This week he has been visiting with me and we got talking about how he approaches melody writing.

It turns out that the same principles apply with melodies wether you are writing for a hit TV show, or creating a great jazz solo.

All melodies must have a simple structure and have plenty of space. Plus, the most memorable melodies are actually SIMPLE.

Go figure!

In this interview we discuss how to make great melodies on saxophone, plus how you being more aware of everything else going on in a band, arrangement or scene when writing will help you to make even better melody choices.

Find out more about Jamie Forsyth here: jamieforsyth.com

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