Playing live for the first time is never easy…

If you play saxophone and have never had the opportunity to play in a band, any sort of band, then you will love this story.

It was shared recently in our Sax School community by Martyn, who has been learning with Sax School for the past year or so.

Overcoming his nerves

Like most of us, Martyn had a fear of playing live. He had only ever played in his bedroom (is that you too?).

Martyn shared how he managed to build his confidence, connect with other musicians and find a local band to play with.

In the video below, I break down the process Martyn used to get started and break “out of his bedroom”. If you want to play in a band with your sax, then you will love this:

Want to play with a band in your area too?

Get started with Sax School and you will have the best resources to help you prepare for playing live. Our amazing library of lessons and courses are organised into clear “Learning Pathways” to help you improve faster. We have a whole section dedicated to preparing you for gigging too!

Find out more and get started here


Read Martyn’s full story here

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