Ever felt like you can’t play anything new when improvising on saxophone?

If you feel like you’ve hit a “roadblock” like this where you are struggling for new ideas and inspiration, then this will help you.

How to come up with new ideas on saxophone

In this lesson I share some tips and tactics you can use to get some new inspiration into your playing.  Because, that inspiration is what fires you up to be creative in your improvising.  In order to keep ourselves inspired as saxophone players, we need to be systematic about our listening habits and how we discover new music.

Unlocking our creativity on sax

The next step is to find ways to “practice” your creativity. This will help you to grow as an improviser by exploring new melody shapes, harmonic concepts and directions you hadn’t previously considered.

In the lesson below I share some creativity exercises you can use to improve your skills on saxophone in each practice session.

Become a better saxophone improviser in any style

These tips will help you to improvise more freely for jazz, blues or even ska playing. And, if you’re a beginner player, you can use these tips to get started with improvising on your sax.

Find this helpful?  Let me know in a comment below.

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