Eddu is our Sax School Student of the Week learning tenor sax with our online sax lessons

Eddu shared a great video of “What A Wonderful World” in our Sax School Facebook Community. We loved his performance of this jazz standard, so we made him our Student of the Week!

Eddu has been learning saxophone with Sax School’s online sax lessons for less than three years.

Discovering the Saxophone

Eddu had always enjoyed music and particularly loved the sound of the saxophone, but he never dreamed of playing sax himself. “Growing up in Ghana, the sax wasn’t particularly common in the music at the time. Although, a few of the artists featured the sax a little, it was largely an exotic instrument compared to the others,” he explains.

As Eddu got older, he began to notice the saxophone in the music he was listening to. “Reggae music became the theme of my teenage years and that’s where I got bits and pieces of sax music. It wasn’t until I discovered the music of Fela Kuti – the Nigerian Afro Jazz pioneer where I really began paying serious attention to the sax”.

Hooked on Saxophone

When Eddu moved the the USA he discovered a new genre of music, and with it, the saxophone. “I was immediately drawn to smooth jazz and later jazz” he says. “I fancied playing saxophone at some point, but never really mustered the courage or made the time to do so. Besides, the instrument looked a bit impossible to play, although I had never held one before.”

It was when Eddu finally got to try the saxophone that he was hooked. “My daughter brought home an alto sax from her band class in the fall of 2016, and that’s when I picked up the saxophone. I was so inspired that I purchased a tenor sax in December of 2016,” says Eddu.

I was so inspired that I purchased a tenor sax

Online Sax Lessons

Eddu quickly joined Sax School and discovered the the saxophone is definitely not impossible to play! He has made great progress with our online sax lessons. “I love Nigel’s teaching style,” he says. “It’s great that I have so many tools and lessons available to me through Sax School.” 

Eddu is already enjoying playing saxophone in lots of different styles.  “I enjoy playing soul music, the blues, Christian praise and worship songs and some pop music,”he says.

Learning Saxophone

The great progress that Eddu is making on sax is clearly down to focussed practice. ” I am currently working on my technique – overtones, ear training and scales, for example,” he explains.

It’s great that I have so many tools and lessons available to me through Sax School. 

Eddu has found a way of using Sax School’s online sax lessons that works for him. “One thing that has been helpful for me is that I try not to pay too much attention to sheet music,” he says. “I memorise all songs that I play, and I feel like that allows me to focus on my sound, tone, and timing. I find I learn at a much faster pace.”

This way of learning is also helping Eddu to develop his creativity as a sax player. “Playing without sheet music also allows me to try to incorporate my own little ideas into the music,” he says.

Saxophone Goals

Eddu has a clear idea of where he wants to go with Sax School. “My overall goal is to be able to play the blues and contemporary soulful jazz,” he says. “I’d like to play in a band someday.”

Eddu is clearly very motivated and enjoying playing saxophone. “I’m always learning a new song. I’m currently learning “Just My Imagination”  by Euge Grove. I hope to shift my focus onto blues music by this time next year. “

We can’t wait to hear what you do next Eddu! Congratulations on being our Sax School Student of the Week!

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