Eddie has only just joined Sax School but has been learning for less than 18 months. We were so impressed with his video, we named him “Student of the Week”!

Eddie bought his first alto saxophone from a friend, about two years ago. “I enjoyed playing around with it,” says Eddie. “I already play piano, and I enjoy making music on my computer. I have quite a few instruments so the alto sax was another one in my collection!”

Eddie liked the alto but preferred the sound of the tenor. He bought a second hand instrument, but found it really difficult to play. “I took it to be repaired and they told me it was in poor condition, with lots of leaks,” Eddie says. “So I decided to invest in a new instrument.”

As well as having a few lessons with a sax tutor, Eddie discovered Nigel’s lessons on YouTube, after buying his tenor. “I looked at a few different teachers but I liked Nigel’s style – his lessons were really clear.”

“I have quite a few instruments so the alto sax was another one in my collection!”

Surprisingly, Eddie only joined Sax School a couple of months ago. “I already feel like I’ve made good progress,” he says. “It’s good that I can read music, but there’s a difference between reading it on the page and being able to play it on my sax, particularly when it’s a fast tempo!”

“I am enjoying learning about jazz standards,” he says. “I can appreciate improvised jazz more, now that I understand more about the technique. The Sax School Masterclasses are really useful for learning more about improvisation.”

Eddie has been making music using a computer for a while, so he’s not short of ideas when it comes to improvising. “I’m learning which tool to use with each tune – pentatonics, or modes, for example.”

Eddie has always enjoyed listening to the sound of a horn section. He likes blues, reggae, and ska. “’One Step Beyond’ was one of the first ska records I heard, so it was great to be able to play this tune!” he says. Eddie has found it really useful to record himself playing, to spot areas to work on and improve.

Eddie’s goal for this year is to start playing with a band, perhaps starting with joining a jam session. “I need to get a bit more confident first,” he says.

With so much progress in a short time, you will get there really soon! Congratulations again Eddie!

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