Want to save money on your next saxophone mouthpiece from Theo Wanne?

As a Theo Wanne artist I have managed to arrange a discount for Sax School members and customers.

That means with the link and coupon code below, you can save 10% on any mouthpiece, saxophone or accessory purchased directly from the Theo Wanne website!

The best saxophone mouthpieces in the world?

I’m a huge fan of Theo Wanne mouthpieces and play them every day. You may have seen my Theo Wanne Slant Sig Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Review Video (my current tenor piece) , or the Durga Tenor Mouthpiece Review.

On alto sax I play the hard rubber Gaia mouthpiece from Theo Wanne. Check out my review video for the Gaia sax mouthpiece here.

I have also reviewed the Theo Wanne Shiva tenor saxophone metal mouthpiece, and the Kali alto sax mouthpiece.

How to choose your saxophone mouthpiece

One question I am asked often is how to make the decision between a metal mouthpiece or a hard rubber / plastic mouthpiece. To answer this question, I filmed a session with Theo Wanne himself where he explains the differences and why you should choose one instead of the other. Watch that video here.

Your Theo Wanne Coupon code

To take advantage of this special offer, use this link to visit the Theo Wanne Website, and enter the coupon code when you check out:

CLICK HERE: visit the Theo Wanne website and start shopping.


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